Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Creative for 2011

Hey All,

Well here we are approaching the end of 2011 already, this year seems to have gone in the blink of an eye.

This year has been a busy one, particularly on the web development front. We've delivered site designs for Orcare - Boomerang, Sports Leaders, Ultratec, Classic Security - Freedom Card, White Eagle  Vizioz - Microsoft, Natcen, ResourceiT and Allen - Wear The Shirt, Brand View, Hyde Bark and Intuitive Group.

On top of the web work we've delivered some cool branding, advertising, brochures and marketing support collateral for a variety of clients, including; Sennheiser, ResourceiT, Intuitive Group, Brand View and Wear The Shirt.

Between Christmas and New Year we'll be posting a retrospective of work from 2011 up on the site (it's the only quite part of the year we get here at lbi) so be surev to keep a lookout and give us your feedback on our work.

Here's to a good 2012.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Snow Leopard Problems

Having been a Mac user for 20 years now I've been used to the odd up's and down's every time the OS changed, but in general these issues just required upgrading old software.

Since the introduction of OSX I've been generally lulled into a comfortable sense of security, I have rarely had any issues, no crashes, no application problems. I'm a designer by trade and use all the standard tools from Adobe etc.

Everything had been sweet up until December 2009. This was when I decided to upgrade my old iMac G5 workhorse (a great machine still going strong after 6 years of heavy usage) with a new 27inch iMac i7. This came pre-loaded with Snow Leopard. As the OS had been out for some time by this point I thought initial issues would have been ironed out.

It's now 10 months down the line from that purchase and I have to say that this version of the OS is completely infuriating. Under great sufferance I use Microsoft Office products for client work, there's no way around it unfortunately. I upgraded to Office 2008 when I got the new iMac, from day one this has been a problem, on average office applications take 7 to 8 minutes to open. Once open they regularly crash, necessitating another 7-8 minute wait which I fill writing notes in the crash report forms*.

I have regularly scanned the web for advice on this issue and have tried everything from font clean up's to creating different user accounts, I even contacted Microsoft support and Apple Support - both of who say it's the others issue - big help!

As a long time user and advocate of Apple products over the years, and running a business that requires the use of their products to function, the most disappointing aspect of all of the above is that I feel rather let down.

If anyone has any suggestions not already tried let me know.

*This post was written whilst waiting for Entourage to restart after crashing yet again....

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